Sarah Bolt

Content Creator

Originally from Utah, Sarah grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and embraces her southern roots.  Married with three children and a graduate from Kennesaw State University in Political Science- Sarah spends her free-time creating, painting, crafting, traveling, reading and writing her first novel.  A water-baby from the beginning- during the summers she enjoys swimming, wake boarding, jet-skiing and relaxing at on the beach. She finds her solace in the peace of nature and the energy of the sun. Sarah descends from a heritage of proud military service and was raised to have a strong sense of respect and reverence for those that serve. That love for the troops combined with a passion for writing has made her eager to contribute to the veteran community in a real and personal way. With several dear friends who served in the military helping to foster and shape her admiration and affection for veterans, Sarah was excited to join Operation Climb On as a way to work on helping the veteran and civilian worlds build a bridge of positive, healthy communication and understanding so that the two might create a way to move forward together. 


Kennesaw State University - BS Political Science