Samantha Weed

Program Manager

Samantha Hails from Salt Lake City, UT. Although she's lived in the city her entire life, she feels most at home among the towering, majestic sandstone cliffs of Zion National Park. She joined OCO as an editor in 2015. Her involvement with OCO originated from her friendship with the organization's director, Dan Warner. She met Dan while on a climbing trip in Moab, UT. A climbing partnership was soon formed, and the two crush routes together every week. Having been an avid climber for her entire life, Sam's commitment to OCO stems from her belief that climbing is a wonderful way to heal, overcome, and find peace. When she's not climbing, Sam celebrates nature through kayaking, hiking, gardening, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. She also loves yoga, black clothing, stormy days, the smell of pine trees, chewing cinnamon gum, and taking unnecessarily long naps. She is currently studying at the University of Utah, majoring in Environmental and Sustainability Studies, with a minor in Urban Ecology. 



BA - University of Utah - Environmental and Sustainability Studies, Urban Ecology (in progress)