Operation Climb On provides a high quality program for United States Veterans using climbing and nature as a therapeutic tool in order to build camaraderie, trust and healthy lifestyles among the veteran community.


Operation Climb On inspires veterans to be active in their community and obtain greater understanding of themselves through challenge and adventure while building camaraderie and trust. 


  • Respect - Treat everyone as equals
  • Integrity - Be honest and accountable for your decisions and actions
  • Trust - Believe in the reliability, strength and abilities of yourself and your peers
  • Camaraderie - Develop bonds with fellow participants


Operation Climb On was started in August 2013 as part of founder Michael Cumming's internship at the University of Utah. The goal was to create a climbing program that could be used as a means to help veterans build camaraderie, trust and live healthy lifestyles. The first program ran in September 2013 with 12 participants. Since the inaugural course, the program has continued to grow and evolve with the intentions of reaching out to all veterans. 

For the stone from the top for geologists, the knowledge of the limits of endurance for the doctors, but above all for the spirit of adventure to keep alive the soul of man.
— George Mallory